Integrated System Capabilities

Qanata’s tailored CRM system integrates Payment Processing, SMS, Email, Screen Recording and Call Recording engines. This is conjunction with our mobile tablet application enables the real time processing of field and third-party interactions allowing for full visibility of the collections and recoveries process.

Every single customer interaction is tracked from call recordings, payments processed via our agentless payment processing software, or an asset recovered by a field agent using a mobile tablet app. Everything is managed and stored in one central system and customer conversation with one click retrieval.

Satellite Tracking

Our vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking technology that allows us to react not only swiftly, but also efficiently to any priority cases. This enables us to manage fleet in the most economical manner.

Reporting Capabilities

Via our client portal, clients can access records of our visit whilst also reviewing all of the pertinent documentation and photographs that support the recovery the assist.

Qatana also offer bespoke performance-based Management Information built with the individual client’s specifications

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