At Qatana, understanding our clients’ requirements is of paramount importance, and in partnership, we look to build effective solutions ensure the recoveries process is as efficient as possible and maximise returns.

Our team of highly skilled field agents, ably supported by dedicated support team provide full nationwide coverage and provide same day response on the most urgent cases. Whilst sometimes necessary, recovery of an asset is not always the most economic solution and at Qatana, we offer a full suite of services designed to cater for every circumstance.

Qatana provides services that cover all element of the default cycle, from pre- termination account rehabilitation visits right though to recovery of an asset. We also work with your customer, to ensure the right outcome is reached for all parties.
Where customers wish to hand back their vehicle voluntarily, we will ensure that this is carried out in a timely manner at a time convenient to them whilst always ensuring your brand integrity is at the forefront of our work.


We don’t believe in returning a case to a client without providing coherent next steps.

Qatana has built an enviable reputation of recovering missing vehicles but also understand that not every vehicle is recoverable. During our investigations, we will provide detailed evidence that will allow us to report the vehicle as stolen on your behalf.

We conduct this as part of our standard recovery process or as a standard alone service, where other providers have been unsuccessful in recovering your asset.

Current success rates for reporting vehicle as stolen are 95.6%


Unfortunately, vehicles are taken outside of the UK by customers either legitimately, or in many cases not.

Either at the request of the customer or following it seizure as a result of the vehicle being reported as stolen, the vehicle will need to be repatriated back to the UK. Qatana can provide an end to end process that covers all elements of the process.

In cases where we have been notified that a vehicle has been seized by the local authorities, representations are made in the respective languages to foreign Police and Prosecutors in claiming the asset.

Whilst we have in house translating, we also have built relationships with a vast number of suppliers in each European country including translators and lawyers if the need to appeal a decision made by a Prosecutor is needed.

When the vehicle is release to our custody the vehicle is recovery back to the UK at a delivery location provide by the client.

This is in addition to cases where the customer simply wishes to hand back their vehicle and all cases are priced on a case by case basis.

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